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Friday, May 27, 2011

Visitor friendly signage planning

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  1. Friends in development,a good planning to make the Botanical Garden in Kolkata a visitor friendly place has been proposed,suggestions are requested.

  2. Raj Da,
    The Photograph of the Above garden shows a clear picture of better management and visitor friendly. i saw the photograph and really it's tells about the every aspects are well maintained. You are right some of this must be implemented to our botanical garden at kolkata. The Best part is weekend course chapter.Some of the Signage style is unique and it will more informative.But rajda in our botanical garden maximum no.of people went botanical garden not for education purpose but for entertainment and enjoyment. u see lot of youngster are spending time under the tree at some of the lonely places inside the garden,some times their behaviour not at par with the public place decorum. In your post I saw photograph of value addition which might be solved this problem little bit, but first of all we have to educate our generation next also the people what is the function and utility of garden. Few times I visited Garden for photography purpose, but not seen any guide who narrate the Tree, their species, etc. Weekend course is very good idea. I am Agree with u a visitor friendly place must be their and a interpretation Centre which are fully equipped with Vast of information.

  3. Very exclusive indeed. However, would have liked to see a few words or two from Shri Raj Basu himself. I gather from the comments of Dipankar, posted above, that Shri Basu likes our Botanical Garden to take up the cue from Chautare , an excellent idea,which, I feel, Dipankar has rather pessimistically cast away . Yes, Dipankar,agreed that all is not well and yet you must do what is required to ensure that awareness thrives. Let the rest be chosen as in reality, there are always two diametrically opposite paths to choose from, the good and the bad, not to speak of the ugly.

  4. Apropos of my previous posting. I may be excused by Shri Raj Basu for having skipped his introductory lines. I'm really sorry for that.