East Himalaya

Friday, May 13, 2011

Singapore, Barrackpore, Bishnupur, Bolpur, Jadavpur...

As I reached Singapore this Monday, the election fever was still on. I went from Universities to Colleges here to spread awareness about the Singapore-East Himalaya Program and invite friends to the Mango Festival. Everywhere, the talk was about how the PAP on getting 81 seats of the 87 total, against 85 in 2006 was worried and wanted to reach out more to the people.I was still waiting for the 13th results.

From about 12:52 at noon today, messages started flowing in 'TMC absolute majority', 'Ma, Mati, Manusher Jai' etc. In between the meetings and talks I could just go through. I shared the news with my Singapore friends and they all said that it is expected that the new Government will bring new hopes in the field of tourism and conservation helping to make the state of West Bengal a model for the world to follow and support.

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  1. This time with the six phase West Bengal Assembly election concept, the waiting was quite long atleast for the people of North of West Bengal.