East Himalaya

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2nd Gitanjali Mango Festival Exhibitors' Opportunities

There will be several banner display opportunities in the whole festival venue. There will be 02 sizes of banners which will be accepted:
6ft X 3ft and 10ft X 3ft
The first size will attract a patronization of Rs.1000 each banner and the 2nd size Rs.1500 each banner. The display in the front entry areas and cultural program areas for every banner would be Rs.2000 each. Every banner will need to display the Mango Festival main logo and for flex banner Reproman at Church Road (Gautam 9832092422) can be contacted or the design can be taken on pen drive from the Festival coordinators.
Also for stalls at the Rural Tourism Baazar, 10ft X 10ft stalls of 02 types
Board finish with ply wood Rs.20,000 for each stall
Soft finish with cloth & bamboo Rs.10,000 for each stall

This festival is a non-profit effort and is an initiative to develop and revive a dynamic culture in the youths of the area, to create a scope for meaningful livelihood in tourism and horticulture, as well as highlight the East Himalaya region, mainly the Rural Tourism Projects, which has brought new hope for sustainable development. The festival will be impossible without the patronization of individuals and organizations and all events (cultural + interactive + creative) and exhibitions by villagers at the RTB will be possible only with all the patronization.


  1. Please come forward and patronize the Festival

  2. Wonderful initiative!!! It will go a long way in the promotion of Rural Tourism of the East Himalaya region.