East Himalaya

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Red Panda Sighting

Red Panda, one of the most beautiful beings of the East Himalaya are fast losing its habitat. The extremely shy animal is extremely difficult to catch a sight of, except the drop of undisturbed nature at the tri-junction of Sikkim East, Darjeeling Hills of West Bengal and Tibet Chumbi Valley. Even if you get a glance, it is impossible to photograph the same. This impossible task has been done by Mousumi, a serious bird watcher, who also runs the site www.jalpaiguribirds.com, during her visit to the Silk Route.
"I always love to explore the Neora Valley-Pangalakha area, a unique area of rich bio-diversity. In a sunny morning I was traveling through old Silk route, as a bird watcher I was busy in searching birds. Suddenly after a narrow turn I discovered that the Red Panda, the one of the rarest animal was just in front of my car over the road. It took a few seconds to realize - yes it is there - and then I started shooting with my camera, I could not mange to get a very good shot but I am happy that I got the opportunity to shoot the animal in the wild".

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