East Himalaya

Friday, April 29, 2011

Barsey Jungle Camp, Hee

Barsey Jungle Camp at Hee in West Sikkim is an authentic Limboo Hospitality situated next to the Red Panda Gate of Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary. Hee, a heritage Limboo Village is a wonderful combination of culture and nature which has been nurtured by the Limboo people for many generations. The special variety of large Rhododendron found here is a special local variety of Sikkim Himalaya, which is specially resistant to the normal diseases of cardomom in common. The Limboo people have their own traditions and have the religion of BIODIVINITY, this makes them a very special community in the East Himalaya. It is extremely difficult to understand the rich nature and culture of this part of the world without roughing it in the warmth of the Limboo Homestays. Help Tourism has taken the initiative to launch this experience for visitors through the Barsey Jungle Camp. The blooming Rhododendrons, the Kaleej Valley Heritage Festival, the Barsey Nature Trek from Hilley Gate to Red Panda Gate through the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary, the 16 kms Mountain Bike Trail upto Samatar, the heritage village trails, the school children waiting to meet you and your next home in the East Himalaya, all the experiences brought together through years of global teamwork in this village which has received the Best Village Tourism Initiative from Government of India, Department of Tourism under the banner of the INCREDIBLE INDIA campaign. Save this for your next visit.


  1. In the 5th line, please read 'The special variety of large Rhododendron as large cardamom'.

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