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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Air India Pilots Pollutes India's Air

In an attempt to meet their selfish ends, Air India pilots puts 10,000 valued customers to extreme trouble and pushes 10,00,000 more customers to uncertainty for the next few days. This is not the first time that the pilots are on strike in India, but immediately this circus of any kind of strikes needs to ban in India. A handful of people, who do not even form 5% of the population, put the rest 90% common people in trouble to influence other 5% policy makers in this country.
It is this 10,000 troubled people who have contributed to the salaries of the pilots, administration of Air India, running of the Airport Authority of India and taxes for development of this country. These are the people who have to be given priority as they contribute to the country’s National Strength and image. All problems between the pilots and policy makers could have been sorted out without holding these 10,000 valued customers at ransom. There was enough opportunity to announce their strike earlier as this is not an abrupt problem, but the pilots decided to do it at the cost of the people who solely contribute to their bread and butter.
Mahatma Gandhi had started the non-cooperation movement against the British, who were outside people ruling India. Now it is our own people who are responsible for making this country and taking it forward. Imagine the day our agriculturists will go on a strike and will only produce for themselves and not for non-agriculturists. What has happened to this country, where strike/bandh seems to be the only solution. A small travel association, EHTTOA in the northeast corner of India has started the movement ‘Say no to Bandhs’. With the travel fraternity of the North of West Bengal and Sikkim, they have been able to form a forum named FACE. They are going door to door to the politicians to convince them not to take to Bandhs in this tourism priority area, which effects hundreds and thousands of livelihoods in the region.
If anyone who wants to see India prosper has to come forward and ‘SAY NO TO BANDHS’.  


  1. Please come forward and support this mission 'SAY NO TO BANDHS' to save India