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Monday, December 26, 2011

Sunderbans from MCCS Vijay

Sunderbans is situated on the lower end of the Gangetic West Bengal.  Sunderbans is a vast tract of swamp forest and saltwater
 forming the lower part of the Ganges Delta, extending about 160 miles (260 km) along the Bay of Bengal from the Hooghly River Estuary (India) to the Meghna River Estuary in Bangladesh. Sunderbans human habitat spreads over 54 islands.
Our excursion to The Sunderbans
We are the studnets of Modella Caretaker Centre  and School, Fulbari. We were the students 48 in number, with 7 teachers. We started our journey from New Jalpaiguri on 3rd November,2011.
 Reached sealdah the next day morning by 6:10. We took a small halt for sumtime and then boarded a bus and started a journey for a place called Gwat khali, it tuk us almost 3 and half hours to reach there, then we boarded a launc and rechaed a gabited island called bali island. There we resided in a resort. The very day we went to the sajnekhali for taking different permissions and tuk a look over the island.
The next day that is 5th November  we set out early in the morning to visit all the different places of the Sunderbans.we a deer reserve, then all te different species of plants, most of them were mangroves,we saw the meeting of the river and sea, saw different animals like crocodiles,deers,monkeys,fowls,and birds of different species. At night we saw a special play performed by the local people based on The Banobibi( the  goddesses of the forest who believed to have protect them). The villagers performed them with great true souls which was very pleasure watching watching it.
On 6th we visited the bali village, talked to different people. Asked them of the problem they face. Still they have not  received the    electric supply, they depend on the solar energy or the electric generators, they are dependent on agriculture,fishing, and honey collection for their livelihood. We helped them by giving them some torches, some eatable materials etc. Finally after returning from there we sat out for Sealdah and boarded  the train back to New Jalpaiguri.

The visit to The Sunderban was an evergreen journey, it would remain evergreen in my memory. But felt helpless for the villagers, many of them were attacked by the tigers, they did not receive a proper help from the  government, they problems during  the monsoon season,they lived a poor life, let us all come together and appeal for the help to them to the government. Inspite, of this they spent a happy  and enjoyable life  here. The unity among the local people is very strong.
The place was just fantastic, would surely visit again if i ever get a chance  again.

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