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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sunderbans from MCCS Priscilla


DAY 1 (3rd November, 2011) :  Our trip, organized by Modella Caretaker Centre &  School, started from Siliguri by boarding the Darjeeling Mail at 8:05 PM. We were all together a team of 58, 48 students and 10 teachers. We had great fun sharing dinner brought from our own homes. We slept by 10 PM.

DAY 2 (4TH November, 2011) : We arrived at Sealdah (Kolkata) at 6:15 AM. After a 30 minutes Coffee  Break, we boarded the bus at 7:oo am sharp. At 7:30 AM we had our breakfast of  “Puri, Aloo Sabji and Lady Canny” , food was good. After a tiring 4 and a half hour journey we finally set  our foot upon Basanti. From there we boarded our boat ( “MAA GOLAPI” ). Our boat had 17 girls and 3 teachers, the rest of the 2 boats ( “BABA SUSHIL” &  “JAI MAA KAALI” ) had the rest of the boys and the teachers. Our destination : BALI JUNGLE CAMP, SUNDARBANS, arrived 2 hours later. It was a beautiful resort we were given to stay in. after getting fresh we dragged our tired bodies for lunch at 1:30 PM. At 2:30 PM we boarded the boat and set out for SAJNEKHALI TIGER RESERVE CAMP. We reached there after 2 and a half hours. There we visited The Mangrove Interpretation Centre, to know about verities of  Sundarban mangroves. We returned back at 5.30 PM to the resort . At 6.30 PM we had a skit enacted by the locals about “ Bonodebi” ( The Goddess of the forest ) , it was a beautiful skit which ended at around 8.00 PM . After refreshing up our dinner was served at 8.30 PM , then after having a little fun at our respective rooms , we finally slept at 10.00 PM .

DAY 3 ( 5TH November , 2011 ) : We wake up at around 4.00 AM and by 4.30 AM we got ready for our yoga class . It started at 5.00 AM and ended at 5.30 AM . We had oue breakfast after that and at 6.30 AM we set out in our launch for SHUDHANYAKHALI and DOBANKI camp . It was a tiring journey of nearly 4 hours we reached the place . There we saw different types of plants .We had a 496 meters canopy walk at Dobanki , that day we had our launch at boat . We returned to the resort by 5.30 PM . After watching documentary movies we went for dinner and went to sleep by 10 PM.

DAY 4 ( 6th November 2011 ) : We woke up at 4.00 AM and got ready for our yoga class by 4.30 AM which again started at 5.00 AM and ended at 5.30 AM . We had our breakfast and then at around 7.30 AM we went to the nearby village to look around the lines of SUNDARBANS , we tried to find out by asking people out there how they live . We distributed small gifts to the peoples and have fun watching them having smile on their face , which is really very satisfying . We were in our respective groups all through and discussing within ourselves . We returned back at 11.00 AM and had our launch at 1.00 PM . After having a little fun with our friends our boats was ready to take us to Basanti where our buses were ready . We board on the bus at 3.30 PM . Our jouney back to Kolkata started and we reached at Sealdah station at around 7.30 PM . We had dinner at railway station itself . Our train to New Jalpaiguri station was at 10.05 PM and it left at right time .After having a fun with our friends we slept at 10.30 PM .

DAY 5 ( 7th November 2011 ) : We reached at New Jalpaiguri station at 8.00 AM .As we headed towards our home with our parents comes to the end of our a really unforgettable and memorable journey that we all remember always .

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